36,826 books given


See the amazing impact of your support!

Adopt A School

Hello, We wanted to share this video with you to make your day! This is the power of books and your support through this program to provide much needed books for high-needs elementary schools.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP_hO50WpHo  Thank you for your continued support.  ...

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We are well on our way!

Buffalo Rubbing Stone

Congratulations BRSS! 174 books have been donated to our school library collection. We are well on our way to achieving our goal. We appreciate each and every donation so thank you to all BRSS parents, students, staff, family, and friends who have made donations. If you have a story about readin...

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Adopt a School - Burford Elementary

Burford District Elementary School

Hello Supporters of BDES! There have been 49 books donated to the BDES library during the 2016 Adopt a School.  Also because 3 stories have been shared by you and posted, another 3 books are donated by Indigo.  Of the 49 books, 15 have beeen donated by Indigo because of your donat...

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Hyde Park Public School Campaign is gaining speed!

Hyde Park Public School

Thank you Seekers for your patience as we worked through some administrative glitches in our Adopt a School campaign.  We are thrilled (and a little relieved) to say that we are up and running and already receiving some amazing donations for our library.  Just remember that when you don...

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Thank you for believing in us!

Douglas Harkness School

We have been gifted 111 books at Douglas Harkness School. Please share our info. Our dream is one book per child this year! Thank you so much to my friends and family - new and old. The kids we serve often don't have books at home, so your generosity truly changes lives! We are incredibly proud ...

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The sky's the limit!

St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School

We are completely blown away by the generosity of our donors and families and by all of the hard work from the staff at Chapters Square One.  We've surpassed our first goal and with 12 days remaining we are reaching for the stars now! Help us reach our second goal of 374 books, that's two bo...

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Overwhelming Support

Rutherford School

As long as I've been at Rutherford School I have been overwhelmed by the support from our community of families and friends! One week into the Adoptaschool fundraiser and we already have almost raised one book per Rutherford student. Thank you so much! We always need more books to help sustain th...

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Some Great Pictures Made by Our Lady of Lourdes Students!

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Elementary School

See the great pictures that have been created by our students at Our Lady of Lourdes about books that they love!  Many stories have been featured too - seven to be exact which means seven books have been donated to us.  So please share a story for free and if selecte...

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Week One Success!

Priestman St School

Priestman Street School is amazed by the support we are receiving from our community!!  The staff at Chapters Fredericton is amazing and between them and our on-line support we are up to 177 books!  Here's a picture of a thank you display in the store which has a signature from all 500+...

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Check out our video! We have had a great response so far! 39 books as of Sept 27.

Northern BC Distance Education School

Thanks Fort St John and surrounding community!

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Time to dream bigger!

Webster's Corners Elementary

We are so excited to announce that we have reached our first goal of 200 books donated! This is going to be so amazing for Webster's Corners Elementary and we are so thankful to everyone for their generosity.  But we're not done yet! Reaching this first goal means we need to reach a little ...

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What a wonderful weekend!

Adopt A School

Thank you to all the schools and supporters for such an amazing weekend! Your support has helped raise over 31,000 new books to support the 500 schools in the program and there are still 12 mores days to make a difference in these libraries!  Let's keep up the amazing support this week and ...

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Wow! Just wow!

Ataguttaaluk Elementary School

We here at Ataguttaaluk ES are just amazed at the generosity of all of our supporters. In less than a week we have raised 250 books. Indigo is also very impressed which is why they highlighted our school on their Facebook page. We can still earn 5 more books through the Indigo share a story oppor...

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Firgrove Public School

What an incredible week! Thank you to everyone who donated online and in-store! We hope parents are able to get online to continue to show your support. Don't forget to share your stories!

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We have wonderful supporters!

St. Edward

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful supporters as part of our St. Edward community.  This weekend found more people writing stories and making donations to our school library.  We are so grateful for your generosity.  With a couple of weeks to go, we are almost half way to ou...

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224 books donated online - INCREDIBLE!!

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Elementary School

How wonderful to see so many books donated to our library!  The support has been incredible!!  Thanks so much for helping Our Lady of Lourdes by giving us the gift of books, a gift that keeps on giving.

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Week 1 was a success with 68 books donated!

Walter Duggan Consolidated School

Dear Friends, Family & Community members of Walter Duggan Consolidated,  We are excited to report 68 of our 100 books have been donated to date.  With 13 days remaining & 2 upcoming events we are inching closer to our goal.  I was on shift at the library today, mending the...

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Week 1 of the ALC Adopt-a-School campaign

A. Lorne Cassidy ES

Thank you ALC staff, parents, and in-store Chapters donators for such a huge success during our very first week of the Adopt-a-School program for our school library.  So far we have earned 145 books through on-line and in-store donations, and are on our way to receiving an additional 40 bonu...

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Quick update after week 1

École Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School

Dear supporters,  After 1 week, we have reached 142 books.  We have earned 40/40 books donated by Indigo Foundation in addition to all books donated by you, our supporters.  I  am happy to say that the story I submitted in the category of why I support this school has been se...

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Please support the HTS Library!

Happy Thought School

The HTS Library has signed up again for the Chapters/Indigo Adopt-A-School fundraiser! This year you can support us in two ways. Either donate a book (for every 2 you donate, Chapters will donate 1) or share a story (for free). If they feature it on our page Chapters will also donate a book ...

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