Success Stories

We have been adopted by Chapters Granville Street for September 2017

Florence Nightingale Elementary School

WOW!!!!!  I am excited to announce that Florence Nightingale Elementary School has been adopted by Chapters on Granville Street.  The Indigo Adopt a School Program is a great way to help update current libraries and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this project.  

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École Elmlea Junior School

How wonderful for me to see that our school has been adopted.   Thank you to David Smith of Coles in Cloverdale Mall.  I look forward to making contact and working together..  

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Another year of reading wrapped up yesterday

Kennetcook District School

The last borrowing day was bittersweet. The students have had the best year yet of our 4 years of the volunteer-run library. With an increase in daytime volunteers, the students borrowed books every week. Other volunteers spent evenings sorting, shelving and organizing books so the library was in...

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Spring Glen Elementary Has Choices

Spring Glen Elementary School

Spring Glen Elementary would like to thank those who made donations last year.  We also appreciate the Adopt a School Program!!   You have given choices for the students read.  We would appreciate any support to continue to updating our library collection.   Spring Glen s...

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Voracious readers!

St. Maria Goretti Community School

The Indigo gift cards that were awarded to students who read the most number of books every month, sure motivated the students to read! With the generous support that we received from the Indigo branch in Saskatoon and its patrons, we were able to upgrade classroom libraries. Students enjoyed the...

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Firgrove Book Fair!

Firgrove Public School

Our May Book Fair was a great success! Over the course of the week we were able to raise over $1000 in new books for our library! Way to go Firgrove!

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Thank you! Thank you!

St Mary Community School

What a wounderful experience this year has been being part of your foundation. Your generosity and support was a godsent ,with our student enrollment increasing and the year budget remaining the same the gift of 1000.00 was incredible.The staff and students of St Mary Catholic Community School lo...

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Year End

H. E. Bourgoin Middle School

As I finish up projects and start looking at next year, I am so amazed at the community support our school received during the 2015 Adopt-a-School Campaign.  I love the new relationship we have with our Adopting Store - amazing people create amazing results.  "Eew!" has changed to "Ooh!...

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Duncan Cran School Thanks You

Duncan Cran

We are unbelievably blessed to have received such a generous donation from our community and from the Indigo Adopt a School Program.  Our local Coles in Totem Mall have been so wonderful, hand selecting 10 additional books to add to our library.  We have been so fortunate to receive the...

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Chapters gives More

Greendale Elementary

Chapters just keeps spoiling us!   This holiday season started off with another generous gift from Chapters Pointe-Claire. On Dec 1st  they invited the Greendale community to a giving event where they surprised us with 80 new books chosen by their staff along with another $5000 to spe...

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Lena Shaw Elemetary

Thank you to Chapters Indigo for being so generous and gifting our school surprise money for books!! The students are going to be ECSTATIC!! Generosity and kindness never goes unnoticed! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

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The Joys Of Shopping!

Kitchener Community School

Supporters, I wanted to share the wonderful experience we have had preparing and shopping for books for our new classroom library. To engage the students in this process I directed them to In partners, they made "wish lists" of books to purchase for our library. I gave each student...

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Students at Ecole Dickinsfield School Just wanted to say

Ecole Dickinsfield Junior High School

Our students, staff, parents, and friends were so excited to hear about the $1000 we got on Giving Tuesday.  We just wanted to let Indigo Adopt a School Program know that we really appreciate this wonderful gift.  Our students will be completing a survey so that we can purchase material...

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Thank you Indigo

Simon Cunningham Elementary

Thank you Indigo for our $1000 worth of books for Simon Cunningham School! I can't wait to go shopping! Also thanks to the parents who have supported us through generous donations!

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WOW!!!! Giving Tuesday is amazing! Pass it on!

John English Junior Middle School

Yesterday John English JMS was blessed again through the Indigo Love of Reading Program. The school has received an additional $5000 to purchase books for our library! This is in addition to the $1600 raised by our wonderful community and COLES at Cloverdale Mall. Take a moment to share...

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Trinity Christian School

We just received an additional $1000.00 from Indigo!! This makes such a difference to our small school! To date we have received $1336.00 because of our generous supporters and Indigo adopt-a-school! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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We can't believe it! It can't get any better than this! Another $1000! Wow!

Sacred Heart All Grade

Wow! We can't believe it. Today Indigo sent us this email and we wanted to share our great news with all of our supporters. It stated that:  "In honour of Giving Tuesday, the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation has a surprise for your school! In recognition of your school's amazing efforts du...

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Chapters Pinecrest FUNdraiser!

W.E. Gowling Public School

Remember the W.E. Gowling Indigo Adopt a School Campaign? Remember how the whole community came together in a BIG way to support our local Public School? Let's celebrate our shared success (they were the 5th place school among hundreds of Ontario-based schools and WO...

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Final Tally

Rutherford School

A huge thank you to all who donated to this fundraiser or who passed the word out for people they knew to "adopt" our school. We ended in 8th place which I consider to be a huge success for a small school. Financially, there is no doubt that this fundraiser was a huge success.  We received m...

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What a Success Story!


We have just received the following update from the Adopt-A-School Team: "Congratulations again Assumption School on your successful fundraising. You have raised a grandtotal of $12,788.69 in Indigo gift cards from Adopt a School!" The entire Assumption School staff is speechless: what a great o...

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