81,651 books given

Success Stories

Chapters Pinecrest FUNdraiser!

W.E. Gowling Public School

Remember the W.E. Gowling Indigo Adopt a School Campaign? Remember how the whole community came together in a BIG way to support our local Public School? Let's celebrate our shared success (they were the 5th place school among hundreds of Ontario-based schools and WO...

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Final Tally

Rutherford School

A huge thank you to all who donated to this fundraiser or who passed the word out for people they knew to "adopt" our school. We ended in 8th place which I consider to be a huge success for a small school. Financially, there is no doubt that this fundraiser was a huge success.  We received m...

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What a Success Story!


We have just received the following update from the Adopt-A-School Team: "Congratulations again Assumption School on your successful fundraising. You have raised a grandtotal of $12,788.69 in Indigo gift cards from Adopt a School!" The entire Assumption School staff is speechless: what a great o...

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St. James' Elementary

We are so excited to announce that we were awarded second prize of $7500 from Indigo Adopt a School! The students and staff of St. James' Elementary are so excited! And last night, we received an email letting us know that the total amount we received is over $15 000! WOW! Thank you so much for t...

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It is Real!

Mount Edward Elementary

Where do I start? A heartfelt thank you is the best place--thank you all for helping our little school gain so much. Checking my emails this morning, I found one from Chapters/Indigo with instructions on how to start the process of spending ALL that money( $15,600--and a 30% discount for any...

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The Numbers Are In & We Thank You Dearly!

École Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School

Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Chapters Indigo Montreal Trust Staff and Customers,    Chapters Indigo announced the top winners in the Indigo Adopt a School by province a week ago.  Although we didn't make it in the top 3 schools for Quebec or the $1000 blog post bonus, I am...

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SVE Students Show Their Appreciation

Springvalley Elementary School

Springvalley Elementary School students show their appreciation to the people who supported our Adopt a School campaign and to Chapters/Indigo for providing the opportunity to refresh our school's library.

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Hillside Elementary

The Adopt a School contest has come to an end and we are so very excited to say that we finished third which means we have $5000 to spend on books for our students. We are overwhelmed at the support our school community has shown us during this contest. We really can't say THANK YOU enough times....

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Roller Coasters Can Be Fun

Brooklands School

Hello Brooklands School Supporters. Last week I was the bearer of Good News/Sad News; this week I am the bearer of Great News!  I had another phone call from the team at Indigo.  In the course of our conversation we reviewed the rules of the contest.  While our school was disquali...

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3rd place Rocks!!!

Valleyview Centennial

We are blown away by the success of our campaign! The way our community came together to support us was amazing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your diligent voting, generous donations, and energy. Friends, family, colleagues, students and strangers all supported our little school. ...

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We won $1000 in the Chapters Blog Contest!

Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary

This year in addition to the online campaign, Chapters awarded 10 schools across Canada $1000 for the best blog posts in support of the program. Dr. A.R. Lord was the top school in British Columbia! Thank you to everyone who made this happen, particularly our amazing parent blogger. And thank you...

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The Waiting Game Was Worth It!

Kitchener Community School

Amazing team, Thank you for your support. Thank you for demonstrating to our students and community that you believe in them. I have written this before, but I must acknowledge the incredible experience this conest has been. We have seen our school, staff, local, and digital community unite in ...

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It's official!

Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Senior

Many, many thanks to all who voted, donated and worked so hard to raise money for books for our school!  We finished in third place in the province to win a prize of $5000.00 worth of books.  Thanks to donations from the community and  customers at Chapters Halifax in Bayers Lake w...

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An Abundance of Wealth

Englewood School

Thanks to all of you and your dedicated support, Englewood School finished in the top spot in PEI for this campaign.  We are getting a $10 000 donation from Indigo for our library.  In addition, people like you donated over $6500 online and in store.  That totals more than our budg...

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Greendale Rocks!!!!

Greendale Elementary

We are extrememly excited to announce that all our hard work has paid off! Greendale has officially won 3rd place in all of the province of Quebec!!!! We've had a total of 1,049 books donated and we have won the generous prize of $5,000 from Chapters Indigo to purchase books for our lib...

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It's official! Thank you to all of those who made this possible!!

Sacred Heart All Grade

Whoo!!! We are so excited to announce our great news to all of our supporters. Not only did our supporters donate 56 books to our school, which adds up to $672.00, our school was also successful in winning the INDIGO BLOG CONTEST!!! This means our school will receive an extra $1000 to go toward s...

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BRAVO! SUPER! AMAZING! We Have Reached Outstanding Heights Together!

St. Jude School

Congratulations to the entire St. Jude School community for coming together to support literacy and learning. Thanks to your amazing support St. Jude School has been declared as Quebec’s second place winner in the Adopt & Don’t Stop Giveaway. This outstanding result will mean that...

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It’s official

Agnes Taylor Public School

After much excited anticipation the final winners have officially been announced.  I am pleased to let all of you know that Agnes Taylor P.S. won Second Place!  We are so grateful to every one of you who supported us by adopting and donating.  We would also like to thank the wonder...

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St. Benedict Catholic School Wins Second Place in Alberta

St. Benedict Catholic School

It's finally official! St. Benedict has been declared as  Alberta'a  second place winner in the adopt a school giveaway and it definitely feels like Christmas at St. Benedicts  already! We are thrilled and can't wait to go shopping at Chapters Westside  and start fil...

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We have good news!!!

Happy Thought School

We are so excited to officially announce that HTS has finished 2nd in Manitoba for the Chapters/Indigo Adopt-A-School contest! This means we have won $7500 to spend at Chapters/Indigo to buy new books and resources to update our library!!! Amazingly, we’re also the provincial winners f...

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