Thank you, we've reached our second goal!

St. Vincent De Paul Elementary School October 03, 2016

We would like to thank all of the families and friends of St. Vincent de Paul School who have donated to our Adopt A School fundraiser!  A special thank you again to the staff and customers of "our store" Chapters Square One!

When we first set our goals they seemed almost impossible to reach.  We never thought we would receive such amazing support, but with 6 days to go we've already reached our second goal of 374 books!  That's two new books per student. 

Our small school is like the Little Blue Engine ... we are going full steam ahead towards the finish line...lets put 500 new books in our school library.  What do you say?  Can you help us reach our final goal?  Tell all your family and friends to help transform our library; share a story, donate online or instore. 

I think we can!