A book in each child's hands!

Mother Earth's Children's Charter School September 10, 2018

A book in each child's hands...that is our goal this year. Seems simple, right? You would think that most elementary-aged children have access to reading materials that are age and level appropriate but the reality for many children in our school and in their community is that fewer than 50% of them have access to print materials in their homes. There are a number of possible reasons for this; frequent moves, lack of appropriate places to store books, the prohibitive cost of books and reading materials and the prevalance of screens to name just a few. with our participation in the Indigo Adopt a School program, we aim to make sure that each child has the opportunity to own at least one book that they can choose for themselves. We are grateful to everyone who can help us with this and are really looking forward to seeing what we can do for our kids!