Hudson takes a trip

East Ridge Community School September 15, 2018

Meet Hudson, he is one of five East Ridge Reading Buddies or Copain de Lectures.  Hudson and his friends spends their days at the East Ridge library where they offer a listening ear to all the students willing to read them a story.  They love all the cuddles and snuggles they get in the book nooks and each day is filled with new adventures as the students take them to faraway places and on adventures of a life time - it's amazing the places you can go through the pages of a good book.


On Friday September 14th, Hudson packed his backpack and headed off on his own adventure. Fortunately his destination was only a few blocks away; it's not easy maneuvering your way through the streets of Owen Sound as a stuffed animal.  After a short walk, Hudson found his new temporary home away from home, Coles Owen Sound.  How lucky is he to get to spend the next three weeks surrounded by shelves upon shelves of NEW unread books.  Oh the adventures he could go on and the things he could learn if only someone would read him a story or two (or three or four)!


The students and staff of East Ridge will surely miss Hudson while he is away, but they all know he is off doing a great thing for his reading lovin' Falcons.  Hudson plans to help educate our community of the need for new books for our school library.  Many will not know that with the recent amalgamation of Sydenham & Bayview to create what we now call East Ridge, we now have 815+ students in our school.  Many will not know that there is no budget or school funds directly designated to the library.  Many will not know that the stamps found in our current books reference Ryerson School, Victoria School and Strathcona School....need I say more?  Last year we did a sample survey of 177 East Ridge students in various grades JK-8 and the results showed that 83% enjoyed reading.  We would like to see this number grow and maybe by offering kids new books that are of interest to them we can help foster a love of reading they never knew they had. 


Check back in with us over the next 3 weeks as we follow Hudson's adventure at Coles Owen Sound.  Hopefully the wonderful associates there will take a moment here and there to read him a story.


Thank you Indigo Love of Reading for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this project.  Together we will help support the development of a lifelong love of reading in all of our children.