It’s Started!!

Mother Earth's Children's Charter School September 16, 2018

Success can be measured in many ways...for me, a number of achievements were made this week. Let me tell you About them. 

when I heard our school had been ‘adopted’ I was immediately thrilled by what This could mean for our kids. When I told staff, they shared my excitement but we were skeptical; would our students share in our enthusiasm? We announced it at our first day of school assembly and we could see some glimmers of interest. Then, we asked our students to write letters about what the Adopt a School program would mean to them. Some were done grudgingly, but there’s were quite lovely and touching. They spoke of the delight they got from holing a new book, the smell of a new book and how excited they were to be the first to read a book. They talked about how they didn’t used to have any books at home, but now they have one, ONE book that belongs to them and about how precious it is. They talked about how they enjoy reading. And that is what I consider to be an achievement. Yesterday  I walked into the Indigo store that had adopted us and saw that there were already some donations, it warmed my heart! I’m hoping that, through the continued generosity of strangers, we can feed this tiny flame that is within each child and develop lifelong readers and learners.