First time in a bookstore

Mother Earth's Children's Charter School September 28, 2018

Last Thursday we took a couple of classes to Kingsway Mall to stage a "read-in" in front of the Indigo store that had adopted us. We took them inside the store, a couple at a time, and were astonished at how many of them had NEVER been in a bookstore. It was shocking, really. They were amazed at the variety of books and the sheer number of them! They were especially intrigued by the graphic novels, as they had limited experience with them and thought they were fascinating. We had to explain to them that while they could take any book they wanted off the shelf and look at it, they had to be very careful with it and replace it exactly where they had found it. We had to remind them that people looking to buy a book wouldn't want there to be anything wrong with their copy. One child commented that they had never seen so many books in one place, and when I asked him what he thought he said that he "never dreamed there were this mnay books!". The staff had created a great display with books from our children's wish list and letters that our students had written...they were excited to try to find their letters sprinkled throughout the store and were amazed that strangers had donated so much money! It was a really great way to connect everythnig together for our studfents and to show the staff at the Indigo store that this program really does make a difference.