Shortreed Community Elementary School

Aldergrove, British Columbia 15 / 330 Books Given

Principal Chris Wejr We are an inner city school of readers who read so much our books are wearing out. Or it could be that our books are a bit on the old side and need replacing. We serve a wide variety of students from different socio-economic backgrounds. Our library has seen lots of change in past years. Now that we have a full time Learning Commons teacher, we need to update our library collection so it contains books that our students will be interested in reading. We have a dream of creating a library collection where our shelves are half empty because the students are busy reading them.

Favourite books Top 5 Books:

330 Children
Children: 330
Avg. age of books: < 10 yrs
$6.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $6.00