Rock City Elementary

Nanaimo, British Columbia 630 / 370 Books Given

Principal Eileen Jubinville Rock City is a large elementary school in a very diverse and transient area of Nanaimo. We have a high population of low income families as we are surrounded with apartment and shared housing complexes. Our library budget averages less than $2.75/student.
The library is the hub of our school with many different activities and clubs being run from the space. Every student in our school has a class in the library each week and an open book exchange every day of the week resulting in more students than ever accessing media through the library. Our circulation rates keep increasing, which is fantastic, however our collection is ageing. I have spent the last two years removing any text averaging 10 years old or older or that was damaged, had inappropriate and/or out-of-date information. I weeded almost 2000 titles from our collection. This decimated several sections of the library. I am looking for resources that fill those gaps, meet the needs of emergent readers of all ages, and captures the attention of my most prolific readers as well.
We are planning on new sections to meet the needs of the new BC curriculum that supports Aboriginal Education, Growth Mindset, Diversity and Inquiry in many subject areas and to update out-of-date sections such as the STEM areas specifically technology.
Thank you for supporting our library.

370 Children
Children: 370
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$3.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $3.00