Lynn Valley Elementary School

North Vancouver, British Columbia 6 / 351 Books Given

Principal Chanin Smyth I believe school libraries are more relevant today than ever before... IF they are evolving to meet the needs of 21st Century students. Our library is the "hub" of the school, not only for providing up-to-date fiction and non-fiction books to our staff and students, but also a place to collaborate, plan, hold book clubs, and involve our students in STEM activities.
Our school district provides our library with $2,000 per year. That amount doesn't cover the cost of replacement books, Aboriginal content material, and books to support our new SOGI program. There are no funds for purchasing additions to favourite series, non-fiction books for inquiry, and books that students ask me to buy for pleasure, in all different levels and genres. It also doesn't come close to funding STEM materials for our library that I usually purchase from Indigo.
Our staff, students, and parents always say our library is their favourite place in the school!

Favourite books Our favourite picks are:

Elephant and Piggie
Phoebe and her Unicorn Series
The Harry Potter Series
A Series of Unfortunate Events (has made a comeback!)
Dogman Series

351 Children
Children: 351
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$6.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $6.00