L.M. Montgomery Elementary

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 9 / 439 Books Given

Principal Heather Cudmore We need to update the books in our Library and increase our number of books due to our growing population. Our school very much needs new books. Our nonfiction section is quickly getting out dated so we have a great need to replenish that. We also have a lot of books that have been well used by the students and need to be replaced as they are in quite rough shape. There are many series that are missing books, need more copies because of student demand or need to be completed with parts of the series that have just been published. We also need to expand our graphic novel section. This is a genre that is in high demand right now and the students who love graphic novels quickly run out of books in this section to read. Our school does a lot of fundraising so it would be nice to add a fundraising initiative for our school library!

Favourite books Graphic novels
Hockey books

439 Children
Children: 439
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$10.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $10.00