Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Ottawa, Ontario 165 / 237 Books Given

Principal Kimberly MacDonald OLMC is a school where we have kids who want to read. They are excited readers . Students at our school love non-fiction books, graphic novels and picture books and we would love to get more of these in English, French and other languages for all grade levels (K-6). We added several new favourites last year from the funds we got from Love of Reading last year! One purchase made was the starting books in some new chapter book series for our Juniors. These were a hit and we would like to add more to the series!

Favourite books Princess in Black
Harry Potter
Elephant and Piggie
Anything Superhero!
Rainbow Magic

237 Children
Children: 237
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$2.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $2.00
Book Bonus

Book Bonus

For every two books you donate online, the Love of Reading Foundation will donate a bonus book to your selected school, up to 100 books!*

Starting September 15
Tell a story,<br/>Give a story

Tell a story,
Give a story

If we feature your story, the Love of Reading Foundation will donate a book to your selected school, up to 20 books per school!* This story will also be included in the Adopt a School Story Contest.

Starting September 15
*The Adopt a School program values a book at $10. To learn more, see our Program Overview and Contest Details pages.

Recent News

Thanks for all the support!

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School October 11, 2017

Thanks for all the generous donations, fabulous stories and all the votes.  Thanks to everyone who shared Kaitlin's story with parents, friends, family, fellow collegues at OCSB to get the votes to get in the top 5!  Thanks so much to Indigo Love of Reading for giving a small yet deserv...

Only 3 days left to go! We are so thankful!

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School October 05, 2017

We have exceeded last years total and we are approaching 100 books!  Next years goal is to get adopted!   I can't wait to see what treasures we will get when the promotion ends.  Staff are excited and the kids are beyond excited at the thoughts of new books.   Many thanks to...

Ninjago Ninjago... I hear alot about Ninjago!

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School October 04, 2017

So many students are asking if I have Ninjago books.... I am guessing the new movie might have something to do with that!  So many kids want what is popular!  Captain Underpants, anything superhero.  Even Pokemon is extremely popular with the K-3 crowd.  Another thing the kids...

We have passed last year!

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School September 28, 2017

nearing the end of week 2 and we have already passed our final total of 64 books from last year.   We are presently at 81 books but I know we are still in this. Our top story by Ms Seath is in 3rd place and we have been sending out voting links to friends, family and colleagues like crazy. &...

Week 1 down, 2 more weeks to go!

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School September 25, 2017

We have made it through week 1 and we are doing great!  We are at 60 books donated, Fantastic.  We have had some great stories published and some very generous donations.  We are presently in 3rd place for the top 5 in Ontario contest.  The race is tight between 3 & 4 plac...