Adopted by Indigo Spirit Mayflower Mall

Coxheath Elementary

Sydney, Nova Scotia 340 / 285 Books Given

Principal Trevor LeBlanc Our books are well read by our students. As a result, many are worn out and many need replacing, especially favourite series. To keep up with the avid readers who want to read the 'latest' novel and series involves a significant monetary contribution. We really need help to continue with their love of reading by providing the books they love to read. We have many struggling readers and we are in desperate need of high interest, easy read level books for these students. If given the books they can enjoy, they will read and learn to love it! With budget restrictions, our very dedicated Home & School contributes some money to our Library in addition to our school budget, but it is never enough to meet our students' needs. Our science and sports sections really need an updating as there are very few books in these genres left in our inventory. Library is very valued and important to our school community, so much so that our school includes regular library visits within the school cycle and we have dedicated programs like 'Reading Buddies' where older grades are matched with younger grades to promote reading. We also run a yearly book fair which is very well attended by our community and students. Students are in our library every day. We would definitely benefit from any extra available funding and will certainly put it to good use. Thank you for considering our application. On behalf of my school community and our students, I do hope that we will be selected for the Adopt a School Program.

285 Children
Children: 285
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$3.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $3.00