Parkdale Elementary School

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 6 / 173 Books Given

Principal Lynn Hufnagel In the summer of 2017, the school library was moved from a small corner room (with no windows) to a larger, brighter room with windows! Everyone was excited for the change and it seemed to breath some new life and enthusiasm into our library when school started in September 0f 2017. As the year has progressed, we had some new shelves built, and we bought some bean bag chairs. But, the school library still does not have a lot of books or a great variety. The library does not have current fiction, non-fiction books for the K-6 grades (many of the books need to be weeded out because they are very old). Parkdale Elementary school library is small and in need of all types of books for K-6 students, curriculum support and resources. We have been relying on donations from students/parents and looking at second hand stores. We just got some more shelves and we are excited to fill them with some new options for students!

Teachers want to have a current library collection to supplement classroom learning but the library can not support their needs. Teachers and students want to improve reading skills but they need books!

Favourite books Dog Man books
Super Mario
Non fiction animals
Conspiracy 365

173 Children
Children: 173
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$3.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $3.00