Manor Park Public School

Ottawa, Ontario 123 / 680 Books Given

Principal Sue Massaad Manor Park Public School is a school with approximately 680 students. Manor Park currently offers French Immersion and English from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. As a result of our offering two streams of curriculum, catchment areas for the school are extremely large, resulting in Manor Park students coming from a very diverse cultural and socio-economic background. While many students live in Manor Park and its’ surrounding neighbourhoods, a considerable number of students are bussed daily from as far as 10 kilometers away. We have a significant number of students from households with low income, single-parents, newcomers to Canada including refugees, and students with greater risk of lower academic achievement.

As a result of the significant number of our students being from low income homes, many are unable to purchase books. Also the public library is not within walking distance for many of our students nor do they have access to books at home and they rely entirely on our school library to borrow books.

Our library collection is well-loved and we have many keen readers from the primary grades up through the junior grades (many who borrow 4 books at a time and visit multiple times during the week!).

We would all be thrilled to add new books to a well-used library in need of a wide variety of English and French books.

Thank you for supporting our school library!

680 Children
Children: 680
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$0.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $0.00