Windsong Heights School

Airdrie, Alberta 375 / 723 Books Given

Principal Penny Beaudry We are a brand new school. Our budget has to stretch to purchase everything for the school. Although we have managed to support a basic collection for both classroom and school collections, the collections are small. We have a passion for literacy and want to instil this in our students as well. A robust book collection with different genres would go a long way in meeting our students varied needs.

723 Children
Children: 723
Avg. age of books: < 10 yrs
$6.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $6.00

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Miss Donahue's Grade 3s Love to Read But...

Windsong Heights School September 20, 2017

What is missing? WE KNOW… BOOKS! We know it is important to read because it will help us get a job like our parents and have fun! We voted and would like books like Robert Munsch books, space books and some panda books too please. #Weneedbooks #Newschoolproblems #Sad #ThankyouIndigo