Chief Poundmaker School

Cut Knife, Saskatchewan 6 / 187 Books Given

Principal Colin Favel Our school's library has books that are over 20 years old. A lot of our books are discarded from other libraries and schools. We receive them as donation. The students receive money from our school board to purchase books for the classroom libraries, but there is not enough dollars allotted to build our main library. We have tried to organize our library to be teacher/students friendly. We look forward to building and replacing our old, out of date books for new high interest books to build our students reading levels and skills. We do not have a public library close to our school. We would like to have functioning library that students would feel welcome to visit and borrow books to read for pleasure and excitement. Thank you for considering our application.

187 Children
Children: 187
Avg. age of books: > 20 yrs
$11.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $11.00