Herald School

Medicine Hat, Alberta 26 / 250 Books Given

Principal Kelly Kuester We have worked hard to organize the books that we have and supplement with our yearly budget with the additional fundraising that the community puts in place. Additionally, we are also building a maker space into our library and including flexible seating and other hands-on literacy activities. Implementation of coding and robotics kits is another goal for our library to increase skills in creativity, problem-solving and many cross-curricular links, as well as, 21st Century learning skills (http://journals.sfu.ca/onlinejour/index.php/i-jet/article/viewFile/6097/4264 ). Further, it is important to have a range of books that appeal to students of all abilities. High-interest low reading books for our struggling and teen readers is another reason for new books; along with those readers who also are needing extra enrichment as we have a group of learners who are looking for the increased challenge. ELL readers is another area of opportunity for additional reading materials. Lastly, Herald School also houses a program for students with low incidence disabilities and these students will need access to adapted materials (high contrast, audio, tactile, large print etc.).

250 Children
Children: 250
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$16.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $16.00