Brookmill Blvd. J. P. S.

Toronto, Ontario

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Grant McPherson

272 Children
10-20 Book Age (Years) *
$6.00 Budget (Per Child) *

Brookmill is a school committed to maintaining cutting edge pedagogy and instruction. As a result, we continue to invest in improving and updating technology. Recently, our school was required to replace over 60 desktop computers that were out of warranty, and no longer supported by the school board. As a result, we were required to use a significant portion of our budget to purchase new computers. Unfortunately, this placed a tremendous strain on our library budget. Our library is in desperate need of updating. Currently we have a collection of over 8,000 non-fiction titles. According to our statistical analysis by age, over 80 percent of our books are outdated and "over-age". This would necessitate replacing approximately 6000 books! At an average cost of between 20-30 dollars a book, these statistics indicate over 100,000 dollars required to fully refresh and update our non-fiction collection. Clearly, this isn't realistic, and therefore, much of our collection remains outdated.

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