Bishop Belleau Catholic School

Moosonee, Ontario 60 / 78 Books Given

Principal Heath Hough Our students generally read below the age/grade appropriate reading level, and stuggle with language acquisition. Given we are a remote fly in community, new books and resources are very difficult to get, as well as pay for when we can get them. Our students are often not exposed to many common and simple themes and experiences that other students in the south are, or themes and experiences that are reflected in children's books, due to our exteme remoteness in Moosonee. (For example, our town has 2 restaurants, no mall, no theaters, no stores of any kind other than one grocery story, one gas station, one hardware store.) We are also currently using books as prizes for "student of the month" as well as for prizes for reading progress in the classroom. Given our funding is very limited for this, new books are always very welcome. Thank you.

78 Children
Children: 78
Avg. age of books: 10-20 yrs
$0.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $0.00