MacGregor Elementary

MacGregor, Manitoba

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Books Given

Bryan Marriott

250 Children
10-20 Book Age (Years) *
$9.00 Budget (Per Child) *

We need to update our school and class libraries in order to provide more recent books to our students. There are many students in our school who have little or no access to books outside of the school community. We hold an annual scholastic book fair in order to help offset costs. Many teachers purchase books with their own money or look to garage sales and donations in order to keep up to date. We find that being in rural Manitoba, we do not have the access to new books that we would like. For that reason, we decided to include a field trip to the Chapters store at Polo Park last year. The students loved it! Some of them had never been to a big book store before and were amazed! We have a school wide literacy plan that has been tremendously beneficial to our students. For Christmas gift exchange students bought books for each other. We have put a love of reading at the forefront of our school program. We need to be able to provide more current, interesting reading to our students in order to keep the love of reading strong.

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