Chelmsford Public School

Chelmsford , Ontario 8 / 250 Books Given

Principal Enza MacEachern, Principal We are working diligently to enhance our classroom libraries as well as our school library. We would love to have exciting and interesting books by popular authors to make reading a more preferred activity for our students. We have had visiting authors, Michael Wade, Eric Walter and Paul Toffanello in to encourage our students to become both readers and writers. With your support we can continue to enhance our libraries.

Chelmsford Public School has 250 students from JK- gr.6. We provide breakfast daily for all our students. Many parents in our community do not have the economic means to buy books and some have difficulty with transportation to public libraries. It is our belief that the school therefore needs to step up and provide these resources to ensure the success of all our students. We hope we can count on your support!

250 Children
Children: 250
Avg. age of books: < 10 yrs
$4.00 Budget/Child
Budget/Child: $4.00