Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner
Nose Creek Elementary School Nose Creek Elementary School
Airdrie, AB Airdrie, AB

Our oldest child was born abroad and English was not her first language. Luckily, she was blessed to have the most amazing Kindergarten teacher at Nose Creek Elementary who opened her eyes to the world of reading. She read to her, encouraged her, and taught her the joy of reading. Throughout her five years at Nose Creek, her love for reading grew and grew. Her ideas brought dinner table conversations alive as she talked about the latest book being read in class. Every night we had the pleasure of reading the most recent Home Reading book. This daily practice and insightful reminders from teachers to help foster a love of reading has made our daughter such an avid reader and a successful student.

Our next two children are currently enrolled at Nose Creek and have also developed a love of books. Our oldest son will devour any nonfiction book he can get his hands on. Sharing the amazing facts he has discovered always brings a smile to our faces. He’s branched out to reading A-Z mysteries, Jigsaw Jones detective stories and thoroughly enjoys trying to solve the latest mystery. All the adults in his education journey have aided him along the way. His fabulous teachers support him on a daily basis while the incredible Learning Commons facilitator finds new ways to hook kids into a plethora of books on a consistent basis. His principal and other adults in the school are great role models for the school motto “LEARN to read, LOVE to read”. Our third child just started grade 1 and all he has asked since the first day is when does Home Reading start? He had his nose in a book all summer, reading books from our home library and the public library, eagerly anticipating the start of the school year. This passion was lit in his first year at Nose Creek as he learned his ABCs with Amy the Apple and a multitude of books being read to him. The culture at the school involves weekly character contests, teachers and staff bringing Books to Life with wildly entertaining live presentations, and books being front and centre to all classrooms. Our youngest will enter Kindergarten next year and already mimics the nightly reading that all our children engage in. She loves to sit and read the books she has heard her older siblings read and is so proud of herself. Nose Creek has had such a profound effect on making our house a place filled with people who LOVE books.

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