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Kareina Delong
Kareina Delong
Nose Creek Elementary School Nose Creek Elementary School
Airdrie, AB Airdrie, AB

I am a kindergarten teacher at Nose Creek and really enjoy choosing from all kinds of books to read to the students. Every book teaches something new and every book lets the kids use their imagination. Every morning we read one or two books and the kids are so engaged and when asked what the book is about or their favorite part they always have the most amazing answers. My favorite books to read to my students are It's Not A Box and It's Not A Stick by Antoinette Portis. This book allows my students to use their imagination and teaches them that books can help them grow in many ways. Once I've read the book we talk about what the box or stick could be for us and students enjoy making their own pictures to go along with the book.
In kindergarten we start our year with home reading and having a number of different types of books to appeal to all interests allows our students freedom to choose what books are going to work for them. Books that appeal to ones interests are those that are going to help a student grow and want to read more and more. I keep a number of books within my class and each student has their own book bin of books that appeal to what they want to read and what they think looks good.
My students this year have already shown a great interest in reading, during our snack time they ask me to read more books to them. I enjoy seeing how reading one book that appeals to a student's interests or imagination engages students and pushes them to read more and enjoy the variety of books that are out there. Books have made such an impact on my students lives already and I cannot wait to continue finding new books for them to enjoy.


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