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Christina Susan
Christina Susan
Nose Creek Elementary School Nose Creek Elementary School
Airdrie, AB Airdrie, AB

I am a parent of two boys who go to Nose Creek Elementary School. From the moment my oldest son embarked on his educational journey at Nose Creek, I was in awe of the work being done at the school. The focus on literacy and the school motto of, "Learn to Read, Love to Read" was fully embraced by his teachers and the school as a whole. He became a reader in no time, and not only read at school, but was excited to read at home too.

When my second son became a student at Nose Creek, I knew I was setting him up for success. I was confident that Nose Creek Elementary would instill the same love for reading that I had witnessed previously. At that moment, I watched the magic happen. He too developed a love for reading and became a book guru. In fact, I always giggle when he tells me about his new favourite author or the award winning book that his teacher has recently read to him!

The thing I need to tell you is that I am not only a mom, but a teacher too. After witnessing the profound impact the school had on my own children, I knew I needed to make a change. I wanted to make the same impact on my students, that my own children were so lucky to receive at Nose Creek. And, I can say that now as a staff member and a mom of Nose Creek Elementary, I believe that the school is making a profound, lifelong difference in creating literate, independent, kind and caring citizens. Thank you, Nose Creek for being a source of inspiration in our lives!


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