Why is reading important to you?
Claire Miller
Claire Miller
Nose Creek Elementary School Nose Creek Elementary School
Airdrie, AB Airdrie, AB

I read an article several years ago that started with the question "what is the most important card in your wallet", I thought to myself, my drivers license, health care card, Amex, I didn't really know, how would I choose? I held my breath as I read the next line "my library card" and proceeded to read a heartfelt tale about a troubled young woman who put herself through school, and turned her life around thanks to the support and safety of her local library. Somehow even my health care card seemed insignificant. I have always loved books, I have always loved my local library but in that moment, I felt the power of reading like never before. I realized there were so many things I take for granted, a supportive and loving family, an education, a mother who read to me every night and instilled in me a deep passion for stories, facts. I didn't have children at that point but I swore reading would be a big part of our lives when I did. And it is. I love the fact that Nose Creek Elementary places reading and the love of reading at the forefront of their teaching philosophy. Reading is important to me because it opens doors, it creates opportunities, it makes us think and use our imaginations. So needless to say, my children both have wallets, and they only contain one card, a library card.


77th in Alberta

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