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Kiera Running-Gosse
Kiera Running-Gosse
Nose Creek Elementary School Nose Creek Elementary School
Airdrie, AB Airdrie, AB

As a family, we have always stressed the importance of reading. We still continue to follow the routine of laying down together as a family to read a story before bed every night and have for 9 years now.

My daughter had the pleasure of attending Nose Creek Elementary school when she was heading into kindergarten. We followed all the recommendations and supported the home reading program and watched how her comprehension and aptitude for reading developed. In grade one we moved schools due to boundary changes and returned for grade 2, as my son was starting Kindergarten. Watching him learn an entirely different way. One day it just clicked for him, and away he ran with it. I am amazed at both their reading levels and abilities, and watch with pride as they continue to develop and nurture a love for reading and learning.


101st in Alberta

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