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Kristie Mackereth
Kristie Mackereth
Nose Creek Elementary School Nose Creek Elementary School
Airdrie, AB Airdrie, AB

My son started at this school in Kindergarten and is now in grade 2. On his very first 'meet and greet' day the library was the first place we went to check out. He was in awe of how many books there were.

The home reading program at this school is awesome. He has advanced so quickly and I am so proud of the level he can read at, and he just keeps getting better. For a kid that rarely gets excited about anything other than video games, it makes me so happy when he comes home and is beaming and so proud of himself for moving up a reading level. Melts my heart!

This really is a very special school with an amazing staff and a special group of teachers and leaders. It is very reading focused, which I believe plays a vital part in children growing to be well rounded people. I'm so happy that my son has the opportunity to be educated in such an amazing school!


106th in Alberta

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