Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Kelly Bishop
Kelly Bishop
Forest View Public School Forest View Public School
Oshawa, ON Oshawa, ON

My mom helped me fall in love with reading. From a young age, I always remember having a huge book case in my room, filled with books. I remember I loved "Hop on Pop" and "Ten Apples Up on Top" as a young kindergartener. I remember loving "the Littles" chapter books in grade one and "Magic Tree House" books in grade two. Those stick into my memory because I loved the stories and reading them so much. Every night or after school, my parents would read with me and helped me develop my reading skills. The more my skills improved, the more I fell in love with reading and the magic of the stories written on paper. My mom helped me pick out books and determine which genre I liked best. She took me to Indigo to pick out books almost every few months. I always had a book to read and if I really liked a series, she would make sure I had the entire series to read. My mom has been my mentor and a huge influence in my life. Reading brings me such joy and I am truly grateful to her for instilling a love of reading in me.


1339th Ontario

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