Why are you supporting this school?
Angela Clarke
Angela Clarke
Northrop Frye school Northrop Frye school
Moncton, NB Moncton, NB

Why I am supporting Northrop Frye is an easy question to answer. There are many good reasons to support NFS like my three sons attend this school, and my friends' children attend this school, and the staff are wonderful there, but those aren't my main reason why I support this school. I am supporting NFS because the students are the future. I volunteer at the school weekly, I deliver their Fluoride program to the classrooms, I laminate so the teachers don't have to use up their own time to do so and I help in the office by making photocopies or filing so the administration can concentrate on more important tasks. I am not expected to do these tasks, I just enjoy them and love spending time at such a great school. It's a wonderful feeling when you walk down the halls and students say hello because they recognize you and sometimes mistake you for a staff member. These students are in my community and by volunteering and supporting their school I show them they are important to me and to our community. They need the support because I once heard the principal say "We are building rich but resource poor" meaning the building was new and beautiful and had all the bells and whistles but the library and playground and even resources in the classrooms we lacking. I joined home and school 5 years ago to help change this problem and have been supporting this wonderful school ever since.


8th New Brunswick

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