Why is reading important to you?
Amanda Ryan
Amanda Ryan
Eastview P.S. Eastview P.S.
Scarborough, ON Scarborough, ON

In preparation for our Love of Reading partnership, we took photographs of the students in our classes to create a collage of our Eastview students during read alouds. Animated teachers read books such as The Colour Monster, Thunder Boy Jr., Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox and It's Okay to Make Mistakes while each class listened completely captivated and shared their predictions, thoughts, feelings and connections throughout the stories. This experience reinforced for me of the power of reading and the way in which books can unite us as a community of learners. Reading has the ability to bring us together, to inspire us, to take us places we have never been and to also help us to explore who we are and the connections we have to each other.

To highlight how important books are to us at Eastview P.S., we decided to put a fun spin on the Love of Reading and developed our own name for the campaign:

­čôÜFor The Love of Eastview­čôÜ
A Community United and Inspired By Books

We are truly grateful that we will be able to add new books to our library and classrooms that will continue to unite us and inspire us in new and amazing ways. Thank you Indigo and all our supporters!


28th Ontario

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