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Christina Fischer
Christina Fischer
St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
Kitchener, ON Kitchener, ON

The Library has always been my children's favorite room in school. And library day is still their favorite day of the week.
I remember being a kid and the feeling I had on library day too - so magical to walk into a room filled with adventure, other worlds and new experiences. And the smell! All of you readers know what I'm talking about. The smell still makes me happy!
I love that my children have had the same warm, fuzzy experience with their own school libraries.
We are new to St. Bernadette's and know this library is in need of a helping hand.
I'm so excited to be a part of it, and hope we can pull together to spread the love and magic of reading, to share the warm, cozy, library environment, and to enrich all of our kids lives!

(photo: out for a walk after school on library day)


175th Ontario

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