Why is reading important to you?
Jennifer Theriault
Jennifer Theriault
Forest View Public School Forest View Public School
Oshawa, ON Oshawa, ON

Reading has always been such an important part of my life. As a young child, it helped fill endless hours in the car, gave me quiet time to regroup from busy days and gave me hours of enjoyment far past bedtime. My parents were both avid readers, starting my love for books early on and I have many fond memories of cuddling up and reading and racing out the newest books in my favourite series came out to get my newest addition to my ever expanding collection. Reading has always been my way to escape, unwind, and go to far away places!
Now as a parent, this passion for reading is something I cherish with my two daughters. Since they were babies, we spent so much time snuggling up and reading. Books can always be found strewn around our house and the girls are often reading to themselves or asking to read with an adult. Their love for reading is evident at such young ages and I know this enthusiasm will help them develop their speech and language skills, literacy skills, critical thinking skills...the list goes on and on. Reading builds us is so many ways and I am so proud to pass this love along to my children (at home and school).


1290th Ontario

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