Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Morag Derby
Morag Derby
Seaview Elementary Seaview Elementary
Lantzville, BC Lantzville, BC

My mother and father were the main reasons that I fell in love with reading. They both were passionate about Shakespeare and poetry and we would spend time as a family reading either of these. When my parents past away at 95 and 98 years old they could still quote any Shakespeare play and most traditional poems, I only wish I had their ability to do this. Although Shakespeare was never my favorite and I don't choose to read it anymore it was spending these afternoons and nights sitting with my parents and brothers and sister reading that has made me such a strong and passionate reader today. Now I enjoy many different genres of books however my most favorite would be fiction novels that follow along with a true story. I love when a book has a bit of historical background immersed within the storyline. I miss the days of reading with my parents or listening to them quote an entire monologue together, these were some of my favorite memories growing up.


314th British Columbia

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