Why are you supporting this school?
Seaview Elementary Seaview Elementary
Lantzville, BC Lantzville, BC

I am supporting Seaview Elementary School because it is where my two granddaughters will be going next year and two years after that. I never read very much as a child and to be honest I don't remember my library at my elementary school and I do not want my grandchildren to have a similar experience at their school. I want them to grow up reading and enjoying all the many books out there. With extra funding school libraries can help bring new and up to date books to kids and teachers to hopefully help students learn to love to read and carry this passion into their adulthood. Only recently have I started reading books that do not have to do with a mechanics manual and I can't believe what I have missed for so long. I love diving into a good mystery or adventure novel and feeling like I am a part of the story. I hope that this program will help my grand daughters school be able to update their books and help ignite a passion in the students at the school to start reading at a younger age then I did.


313th British Columbia

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