Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Phil Vecqueray
Phil Vecqueray
Cloverdale Traditional School Cloverdale Traditional School
Victoria, BC Victoria, BC

I was raised on a ranch in the Caribou, and was the only "white boy" in "native" school in Big Bar Creek. I travelled to school on horseback...and during our lunch break we would water our horses and muck out the barn.
One Christmas, the women of the I.O.O.F. sent presents to each student in the school....mine was Roderick Haig-Brown's book "Starbuck Valley Winter". It's a marvellous story of a young lad who works a trapline on northern Vancouver Island, and with the proceeds, buys a fish boat in the spring, and this adventure is covered in the sequel "Saltwater Summer". I still have my original copies today, and always give them as gifts.


308th British Columbia

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