Why are you supporting this school?
Stephanie Luneta Stevens
Stephanie Luneta Stevens
Fort Saskatchewan Elementary Fort Saskatchewan Elementary
Fort Saskatchewan, AB Fort Saskatchewan, AB

When I was a child, I only had one book, I inherited it from my 4 siblings. It's a compilation of stories such as Pinocchio and Jungle book. One day, our province got hit by a typhoon, the rain was that strong that it was too late for us to put things at a higher ground. By the time we realized that my box of toys were not taken upstairs, it was already soaked from the water that had flooded the main floor. My book was unfortunately there too. By the time I went to a bigger school (grade 1), I wasn't so eager in reading or hearing stories anymore. And our library had books, but really old! They are the kind of books that one would use for research, more like... the general circulation. Now that I have kids of my own, I encourage them to read everyday. I read to them ever since they were infants, even if it's just 1-3 books. I'm glad that my son loves to read, and that the school has a program that would give them the extra boost to learn how to read. Now my reasons why I am supporting this school; my son goes here, my husband grew up in this school, and also because I know what it's like to not have the resources to read. Having one book growing up can be pretty boring at times, but it worked out just fine, but still, if we provide the resources, children will be more encouraged to read and go on adventures through reading.


15th Alberta

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