Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Jessica Piribauer
Jessica Piribauer
Blossom Park Public School Blossom Park Public School
Gloucester, ON Gloucester, ON

My grade 2 and 3 teacher (Mrs. Halle) as well as my grade 4 teacher (Mrs. Morey) helped me fall in love with reading. I can still hear the voices of these two teachers as they would read aloud to us. Mrs. Halle would reel you in to a story with her body language and expression, but with a voice so soft and soothing that all of us would be inching as close to her as possible so we wouldn't miss anything. Mrs. Morey on the other hand, with a commanding voice, captivated us as she took on the role of each character in the story one by one which made you feel like they were right there in front of you! These two teachers also celebrated independent reading, incorporating it into many parts of our day and they made Language blocks incredibly engaging. They have helped me extend my love for reading to my own students.


1215th Ontario

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