Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Marty Verburg
Marty Verburg
St. Andrew St. Andrew
Welland, ON Welland, ON

I discovered my love of reading for pleasure when I was eight years old. My Mother would buy us the Nancy Drew mystery books at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store for ten cents each.....what a bargain! My sisters and I were so thrilled to be presented with her latest finds each month. Then she took us to the library and signed us up for our very own library cards. We spent many happy hours in that library, discovering the various departments. We loved the fairy tales, the fantasies and oh the science fiction stories, so amazing!

I continue to buy and read books, preferring it to television or the computer. There is just something so special about a book in the hand. You can feel it, smell it, carry it around with you and if you drop it, it doesn't break unlike an e-book or kindle! My eyes still light up when I come across a book sale and I've been known to spend hours just browsing through the stacks of books. I love to share my favourites with my friends and we swap back and forth on a regular basis.

Books are my way to relax , learn something new, open up new horizons, entertain new ways of thinking and enjoy the me time......Thanks Mom!


127th Ontario

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