Why is reading important to you?
Robyn Armstrong
Robyn Armstrong
Northrop Frye school Northrop Frye school
Moncton, NB Moncton, NB

Reading is very important to my family because, my daughter is Autistic, and she learns through visuals extremely well over audio. Therefore, if something new is going to happen in her life, we buy books about that topic to help her understand. I'm so grateful Peppa Pig goes on a lot of adventures. Because of books, we were able to fly to Disney, fly to Ireland, go to the dentist, explained the tooth fairy, and any holiday really. She understands sleepovers, how to use the self scan during shopping ect. I have been able to explain Autism to her and her friends by books. If she does not understand what's happening, it causes her stress that leads to a melt down. Because of books, we have been able to really help her development. And I am happy to report that at five-years-old, my child is reading as well.


4th New Brunswick

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