Why is reading important to you?
Wendy Maher
Wendy Maher
Keswick Valley Memorial School Keswick Valley Memorial School
Burtts Corner, NB Burtts Corner, NB

Reading stories was a bedtime ritual when I was a little girl and 60+ years later it still is. As a toddler I was read the usual fairy tales; as I grew older I became a fan of the Nancy Drew series and the classics taught in school. My preference in reading material continued to change over the years but now, I have no preference; I simply enjoy reading.
A book can transport the reader to another place, another time. Books introduce us to people we will never meet, places we may never visit. .
I just cannot say enough about the the value of reading but I can say that I am truly happy to say that my children and my grandchildren are avid readers and find as much pleasure in becoming absorbed by a good book as I do


80th New Brunswick

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