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Susan Young
Susan Young
Coxheath Elementary Coxheath Elementary
Sydney, NS Sydney, NS

My love of reading started because of this library! Well over 30 years ago, I was a student at Coxheath elementary and the school had a renovation including a new library! I Loved library day and I looked forward to each week going to get a new book. I have explicit memories of my love for the Babysitters club series! I remember most of my friend reading sweet valley high books but I always veered on a different path! I remember the feeling of how inviting and cozy that library was! And now, as a Mother to 2 young boys, I am trying to instill that love of reading of a good old fashioned book! I am not reading the Babysitters club with my 8 yr old son but we are currently reading the Harry Potter series and it has reminded me how much I love children's books. I would love to see Coxheath's elementary receive a whole lot of new books for their library to carry on the tradition of instilling the love of reading to children at an early age!


47th Nova Scotia

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