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Lillian Winslow
Lillian Winslow
Airport Elementary Airport Elementary
Lazo (Comox), BC Lazo (Comox), BC

How do we begin, a tale that is thin,but so touching it moves us to tears?
I think it begins where the books in the bins, have been taken to calm down those fears..
...that may have begun at the break of the day, or even before that, who knows?
What we know now, and what we know then, is the stuff that , like compost...it grows!
So the story we're telling is fashioned like so...a boy, and a book, and the telling..
The tears that came then, were because the young friend, so engaged, so relaxed, so bind-spelling : )
No longer he hid, but smiled...like a Kid! who in listening went on a journey,
Adventures and feats, daring and treats! cast a spell, like a dream-induced 'tourney!
And so it was then, that She did walk in,
and seeing caused melting so tearful...
To see so transformed, by the nest that was formed
For exactly such scenes as this here-full!
So Eureka! and Bingo! and Hal-e-loo...Yeah!
We Love it! It's working! Ta-dahhh!


298th British Columbia

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