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Jessica Morton
Jessica Morton
Dr. Charles Best Dr. Charles Best
Burlington, ON Burlington, ON

Today my son came home from Kindergarten and could not wait to tell me all about the book that he borrowed from his school library. It was his first visit ever to the school library as he is in Junior Kindergarten this year. It brought me such joy knowing that he is showing a love and an interest in reading. Instilling a love of reading at such a young age is so important. Reading also teaches children about the world around them.

From the moment that I walked into Dr. Charles Best Public School I instantly felt a sense of caring and community within the school. From a teacher holding the door open for my son, newborn baby, and I to the warm smile from the secretary, my worry disappeared. I knew my son was going to a school that truly cared. I would like to continue this love of reading by supporting Dr. Charles Best Public School.


166th Ontario

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