What are the three books every school library should have and why?
Christa Jay
Christa Jay
Eastview P.S. Eastview P.S.
Scarborough, ON Scarborough, ON

It’s tough to only choose 3 books and I came up with a few titles that I read at home and use in my work with children.

1. Sleeping Dragons All Around: this book is adored by my whole family. My daughters has assigned a dragon to each family member and have this poetic book memorized! It whisks you away to am imaginative place that every person should experience at least once!

2. Colour Monster - the pop up book: first of all, pop up books are SO MUCH FUN! This story is such a fantastic way to talk with children about feelings, what they look like, sound like, and feel like, all in a non threatening way.

3. Maple and Willow: this is a series of a few picture books and readers follow the story of two little sisters through becoming a big sister, growing together, and going off to school and what it’s like to be apart for the first time. I’m a mom of two girls and I just love these stories and I enjoy reading them to my girls.


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