Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Anjelica Guevarra
Anjelica Guevarra
Parc La Salle School Parc La Salle School
Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg, MB

Amongst the vast selection of traits and hobbies to pass on to your child, one of the first things my parents gave to me was a deep love of reading. It was never just one bedtime story for me, it was three or four, sometimes five, and I quickly became fascinated with them. Each unique story presented me with so many interesting characters and introduced me to different perspectives of the world. One of the greatest things about storytelling is the range of lessons that can be taught through it. Reading helped me learn my ABC's and proper manners, but it also helped my young mind comprehend the depth of a mother's love (Love You Forever by Robert Munsch - such a classic!). My parents understood the importance of reading and cultivating knowledge at an early age, and for that I am endlessly grateful. Most of the greatest life lessons that I've carried with me through life have come from my favourite books.

I am wise and kind. I am strong and open-minded. I am who I am because of my love of reading.


93rd Manitoba

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