Why are you supporting this school?
Dianna Flynn
Dianna Flynn
Fort Saskatchewan Elementary Fort Saskatchewan Elementary
Fort Saskatchewan, AB Fort Saskatchewan, AB

I am proudly supporting this school on behalf of my son and his friends. I believe reading is very important to children growing up and learning how to read and write. It is also important to us as we get older!. We are never to old to read! It helps educate us on current events and on history. It teaches us new ways to say big words and how to spell them and when exactly we should use them! Reading helps show us how to do things, build and create. It can help us use our imagination for things that may not be possible. It can take us to other countries and planets. Reading explains things we couldn't understand. It stretches our brains and exercises it to help it grow. Reading is important to my son and his friends. This school is important to my son and his friends.


320th Alberta

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