Why is reading important to you?
Clarissa Clarke-Santin
Clarissa Clarke-Santin
St. Anne Catholic School St. Anne Catholic School
Cornwall, ON Cornwall, ON

My grade 4 class of all boys and one girl believe reading is important for many reasons. We believe reading helps us everyday with all that we do, including shopping with our family, playing video games, looking at texts and emails from friends and reading instructions for our favourite games and Lego sets. We also enjoy visiting other cities, countries and even worlds through stories that bring us there and make us feel part of a new society. We have made many friends through reading and have felt close to their stories and have waited anxiously to read the next chapter to see what a character has gotten up to. Currently in class we are enjoying the rhyming and silly words of Dr. Suess while exploring his lesser known stories. We will keep reading everyday as we know how important reading is in all that we do.


1175th Ontario

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