Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Sabrina McCoubrey
Sabrina McCoubrey
East Ridge Community School East Ridge Community School
Owen Sound, ON Owen Sound, ON

I have always loved to read. From the time I was a child there has alwasy been a book on my nightstand; and regardless of the day I've had or the time I go to bed I must read (sometimes it may only be a paragraph) before I fall asleep. I would have to credit my parents for helping me fall in love with reading. From a very young age I was read to all the time and always had books at my fingertips. Between books at home and frequent trips to the library there was always an endless supply of stories to get lost in.
I would have to say I fell in love with reading all over again once I had children of my own. I started buying childrens books well before I was pregnant with our first child and to this day I can't go into a book store without purchasing a new book for our home library. I loved snuggling our daughters as babies, reading them the sweetest night time story before kissing them goodnight . When they were toddlers I loved reading them books about colours, numbers, letters and animals. Interacting with them and the book as I would ask them to point to the picture of the dog or the red apple. Next they were creative preschoolers and it was pure joy watching them with books in hands babbling away making up their own stories to the pictures in the books. The imaginations they had and stories they created were priceless. Then they grew up a bit more and learned to read themselves. There were, and still are, struggles. This sometimes makes reading more of a challenge than an enjoyable pastime, but I am confident that this will pass in time. In my heart of hearts I know that they too have fallen in love with books and reading and I consider this one of the greatest gifts I will ever be able to give them.


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