Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau
Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau
Campobello Island Consolidated School Campobello Island Consolidated School
Wilson's Beach, NB Wilson's Beach, NB

Reading was always very valued in our family. Our parents led by example in so many ways and having a wide selection of reading material available was one. I remember bookcases of books as well as magazines and newspapers scattered everywhere. There were trips to the local library but our family shared our books with other family members and neighbours and we gave them to each other as birthday and Christmas gifts. New books were a highly anticipated gift.

Our Mom was the most dedicated to our reading and every Thursday she would purchase 2 dollars worth of comic books for us at the local corner store. In those days, when comics were 8 and 10 cents apiece, 2 dollars bought a lot of comics! And we read and re-read them, and she read and re-read them to us every night at bedtime. And our friends read them and our cousins read them and sometimes it annoyed us when they came to visit and wanted to read. But, we understood because the lure of a new story held us spellbound too.

Following my Mom's strategy, I have passed this love of reading along to my children by providing them with a variety of materials (including a lot of those comics Mom bought and we saved) and joining them in their reading. I am happy to say that as young adults with busy professional careers, they both find time to read books they enjoy.


78th New Brunswick

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