Why are you supporting this school?
Katie Bower Steinfeld
Katie Bower Steinfeld
Johnny Lombardi P.S. Johnny Lombardi P.S.
Woodbridge, ON Woodbridge, ON

I feel so blessed that my children attend this amazing school. In the three short years since the school started welcoming students from our community, Johnny Lombardi has put itself on the map as a school that is known for its welcoming nature, strong sense of community and a willingness to always support one another. My kids have created lasting friendships, have received tremendous support when needed and love trying new things as the school is always offering the kids an opportunity to join new clubs, programs or teams. As a younger school, we need more books to support and encourage our kids to read. Our librarian is also amazing - she knows all of the students by name, loves to help them pick out new books each week and helps make library day an exciting part of the school day. Please support the kids and staff at Johnny Lombardi - we would sincerely appreciate the help to make our library even better!


48th Ontario

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